The success of any venture is determined by sales, sales, sales.

We grow people and companies with a relentless focus on serving the end customer. Though we are an important capital partner to our portfolio companies, we know that the most important source of capital is customers.

Elastic Sales allows companies  to “try before they buy.”


Together we determine ideal rep criteria and sales budget.


SpringTide contracts reps who fit the target criteria.


Together we train and manage the reps in key territories.


SpringTide handles all expenses, payroll, and taxes.


Together we convert the best reps into full-time employees.

Our Sales Challenge

Building a sales force is expensive and risky.

In growing sales beyond the first few customers, companies traditionally had 2 options: Outsource to distributors or Build an in-house sales force. 

Building a successful in-house sales force is much more value accretive than outsourcing sales for enterprise SaaS companies; however, it is also risky and expensive, especially in healthcare, due to high-income expectations among the best reps and long sales cycles.


Our Experience & Insight

We apply the agile methodology to sales.

We have invested heavily in legal agreements and experimentation to provide a large number of fractional sales reps to our portfolio companies quickly. This works because the best reps are hungry to join the “next big thing,” and companies benefit from following the principle of “try before you buy.”